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Saws and shelves

Our Master bedroom closet has long been on my list to get more organized. Last year, I repainted the interior to brighten it up and attempted to get things more organized using boxes and containers. I’m low budget and in honoring my Grandmothers’ methods I just used sturdy cardboard boxes or shelving that we already owned. It’s a closet that no one else sees after all.

But, even after those efforts, our shelf above the hanging items always ended up looking like this. Ugh! It just felt like a mess.

piles of clothes on a closet shelf
piles of clothes: (folded on my end…less so on the other end!)

Last weekend, somewhat out of nowhere, I decided it was time to do something about it. I googled how to add a shelf to your closet and found an idea from This Old House. Did I mention that I was the totally nerdy high school kid who watched This Old House every weekend? That was long before HGTV was a thing, and we didn’t have cable anyhow. I loved PBS. (Well, actually, I still do!)

Anyhow, thanks to Tom Silva at This Old House along with my Dad who helped me figure out how to change the blade on my circular saw and Steve K at Home Depot who helped me find the right blade for that saw, I now have shelves that actually help keep us organized! Yay!

A Girl And A Saw

Early on in our marriage, I think my husband received a circular saw as a gift. It’s the only saw we own. It cut boards when we finished our basement in our first house more than 15 years ago and I used it to make our bedframe a few years ago. After nearly 20 years, the blade had not been changed. And that proved to be one of the bigger challenges of this project!

My Dad saved the day by giving me some suggestions on how to remove the old blade by wedging a board under the tines and using a socket wrench. Yes, I know the saw comes with a blade wrench, but it is literally stuck in the saw and won’t come out! He also loaned me two other saws in case I couldn’t get it figured out. I did! And it didn’t even take that that long!

Five straight line cuts later, I was ready to install my boards in the closet! I was thinking this might be my fastest project yet. And, really, it was pretty quick, but I did run into another little snafu…

drill bit stuck in a board
Yes, that is the drill bit stuck in my shelf board and not in the drill! UGH!

It’s been awhile since my Tech Ed days and my volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity. I kind of forgot that I should not just try to drill the hole without retracting the bit every so often to remove some of the dust. Pretty basic stuff, but I mostly bake cookies and design fliers now instead of building stuff. Not to be deterred though, I was able to remove the bit, get all of the boards fastened, and in less than a few hours I had a new shelf!

In the End

Is it perfect? Absolutely not! Should I have trimmed the back end of these boards to match the depth of the original shelf board? Probably! But, as my friend’s Dad always said, “It’s not a church.” So, I think these shelves will hold and organize our clothes just as they are!

empty completed shelves

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