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Friday Five for Fun

Fridays are for fun stuff, right? Here are five people or things I find fun, valuable, uplifting and/or inspiring. Maybe you will too! And, I have no affiliate connection to any of these, I just think they are worth the follow:

1: Fotos: Becky Higgins has been a leader in the scrapbooking world for a long time. But, I’ll admit I am not much of a traditional scrapbooker. That said, her emphasis on cultivating a good life and documenting it, and her genuine nature have drawn me in. I’m currently attempting to do a family yearbook using her Project Life app. Though, I might need to sign on for her photo tips class too as the quality of my phone camera is not at the iphone level! 

2: Fitness/Forward Thinking – I don’t attend a lot of in-person yoga classes given my own teaching schedule so I  really appreciate being able to attend classes online via glo.com (formerly yogaglo).  Amy Ippoliti’s classes are excellent on Glo, but I also enjoy following her on Instagram. There are many great instructors on Glo.com, check it out for yoga, meditation, pilates and mindfulness.

3: Film: The Banff Mountain Movie Festival touring show is one of our favorite events of the year, and many of the films can be found online. A blend of empowering, awe-inspiring, gorgeous and gritty; attending this festival in person is on my bucket list. Maybe this November? (Besides, I’ve long wanted to go back to visit Banff again. It is beautiful!)

4: Fiction (and Non-Fiction): Hello Sunshine! Reese Witherspoon’s book-club is varied and fun. I’ve long loved to read, but life with kids and deciding I was too busy had kept me from “reading for the fun of it” for far too long. Reese’s book club got me back into reading more regularly and I’ve even gathered a few friends and started a book club of my own. I love having a reason to read AND get together and chat with some smart and wonderful women I know. 

5: Flowers: If you just need a little beauty in your life, consider checking out the creations by Amanda at Alluring Blooms. She’s one of those Instagrammers that I actually know in person and she is lovely all around. She is also one of those people that I am grateful to have met because she was a regular at my Zumba classes. Luckily, now I am blessed to see her beautiful work online even though I don’t live in the same community anymore.

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